Wir bieten Einzelunterricht in Klavier und Gesang für alle Altersgruppen welcher an Ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse angepasst wird. Gerne bereiten wir Sie auch für die Aufnahmeprüfung an einem Konservatorium oder einer Musikhochschule.
Beratung bei Kauf oder Leasing von neuen oder gebrauchten Instrumenten durch unsere Kursleiterin.

25 Minuten/Einzelunterricht: 25,00 Euro

50 Minuten/ Einzelunterricht: 50,00 Euro

Einstieg nach Verfügbarkeit jederzeit möglich!


With Stefano Penzo.

Stefano PenzoStefano is an italian pianist and composer. He grew up in Venice, Italy, where he received his first piano lesson at the age of 5. In 2006 he graduated in classical piano at the italian music university „A.Buzzolla“, where he had the chance to learn different ways of playing and teaching piano. In 2007 he moved to Vienna, where he graduated in composition and music theory at the University for Music and Performing Arts (major in media composition and applied music). 

He has been teaching piano since 2004: his youngest pupil was 4 years old, the oldest was 75. Although he had excellent teachers, he definitely learned the most from his students and his own two children, who helped him understand what it really means to teach. Additionally, he has been working as a répétiteur (Korrepetitor) for several adult and children choirs, a very rewarding experience indeed. He's currently working both as a piano teacher and as a composer, especially of film scores and theatre music.